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  1. In July I sent a method of verification to Experian. It took them a couple of weeks to respond and when they did, they said a dispute was opened up. I got results of dispute and the account was just updated. Are they not supposed to send me how they verified in the first place? Is there a follow-up letter to send?
  2. Is it required that a creditor and/or collection agency report the same information to all three credit bureaus? I have several accounts and they have inconsistencies and want to know if there is something I can do which will help me remove those accounts. One is a charge off and one is Santander which was settled for less in 2016. It was actually all paid off minus the late charges and they held the title hostage until we paid the late charges off. If there is a letter that can be used, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  3. It has been over 45 days since I sent DV letter and no response. At the same time I disputed to Experian and they temporarily removed while they investigate. Is there a letter I send to Experian regarding no to DV?
  4. I want to send dispute letters as well as mail
  5. Does anyone know the fax numbers to the bureaus? Thanks.
  6. So regardless these will stay on the report?
  7. I honestly cannot remember receiving anything from them. I know we received notices and final notices from Kaiser. No litigation or judgment. We have not attempted to validate as we just started this journey.
  8. My husband has at least 30 collection accounts from USCB on his Experian report. Most are small but a few for $80 and $100. They were for deductible amounts for labs, appts, etc. We are now attempting to clean up our credit and not sure what to do with all of these. What is the best way?
  9. So better to leave it alone and pass SOL?
  10. I have a Crediit One account that was charged-off in 2016 and sold to Midland I believe in 2017. I have received (not the first one) a settlement letter from Midland with three options. They are 40%, 20% or monthly payments. Do I validate and take the risk of being sued since it is not past SOL?