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  1. Do I file arbitration before I go to court or during? I have court in two weeks..
  2. There are no payments at all showed only a start and ending balance with late fee’s and interest added to the account.
  3. So I can be sued without seeing sufficient evidence that I have signed a contract. There is not even a credit card number listed on the account or what was purchased. Basically someone could have took out a credit card account in my name and even though they can not provide a original application or contract of the account, they could win? Can I request to be provided more information for proof of debt? I don’t see how a account statement can be considered proof of debt.. The original debtor is not even suing me and has nothing on file.
  4. What is arbitration? If that is an admission that I own the debt, I do not own it.
  5. I’m a little confused on how you can take over a contract that was owned by someone else without producing the original contract in question?
  6. I would like to point out on the credit card statement it does not show what was charged. It only shows original balance, charged amount, billing cycle of payments made and not made.
  7. No I did not. How do they prove you in fact own the account of there is no original contract?
  8. Cavalry portfolio is suing me on a dept dated from 2016. I Truly have no knowledge of this debt. They produced a bill of sell with no amount on it and a account summary for evidence. I did ask for the original contract with my signature and they have not received it. I would like them to prove that I own this debt by presenting the original contract or at least tell me what the money was used for and they are not able to. I have a court date for Sept 30th and I can not afford a lawyer. What should I do?