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  1. So after the writ was executed I attempted to go make a payment. The cashier takes my money and comes back with two recipts. One for payment of debt, second for payment of sheriff commission. The commision was 5% of the total payment. I asked where it comes from and was told they access a 2.5% commission. I asked why it was 5% and she said its 2.5%.. Pulled out phone, used calculator and was looked at to be annoying when it came up 5%. I demanded my money back and went to the civil counter and obtained the judgement amount and fees recipt. Went back with the recipt of the order and asked whats with the extra amount. She called her supervisor who said the same thing its 2.5% Im sorry but if I pay $100 and they take $5... The supervisor called the sheriff in charge of executions and he stated the same that 2.5% is charged on any payments. When I said I was being charged double he started telling me pay it or else; never leave your credit, we will keep coming after you either way, you don't have a choice. I decided to make a payment for the time being anyway and they took 10% of the payment for sheriff's commission. Is there no limit or laws protecting me from this type of extortion?