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  1. We don’t own our house- but I’d like to avoid just taking the judgment as id like for us to be able to own one in the future once the mess his fall put us in is straightened out. He won’t be in care forever.. this is mostly just learning life skills after the fall. Occupational therapy type things... walking, dressing, bathing etc. His brain is healing, just works slower than it did before he fell. I have contacted the attorney for Velocity via email asking to settle out of court on his behalf for $400 that could be sent out immediately (pretty much the best I can do right now.) If that doesn’t work, I think my next course of action will be to file an answer with the court and have him sign it asking for a payment plan and then I’ll just pay it off. He could probably appear in court but most of his issue lies in memory and retention so he wouldn’t remember anything that happened while he was there.
  2. It does- it’s from a synchrony bank Care Credit debt.
  3. I can handle the $1200, just not all at once. The bank accounts we do have are in both of our names still but we have small children so I don’t want them to completely empty me out. I will give Velocity a call and see what kind of settlement they might be able to agree to and if that doesn’t work I’ll file an answer with the court asking for a payment plan. I wasn’t sure exactly where to start but you’ve given me an idea. Thank you!
  4. So my husband was sued by Velocity Investments LLC for a debt owed to Synchrony Bank in the amount of approx $1200. The kicker is about a year ago he fell 18 feet and suffered a TBI from it and now lives in a care facility. I did not know this debt existed but have since found the paperwork. I came home to find the certified letter slip in the mailbox and looked it up online. I am am not denying the debt is owed, but what would be my best course of action here- do I call Velocity and try to settle with them outside of court for a payment plan I could finish up within a couple of months or file an answer with the court asking for a payment plan? I don’t want them to go after bank accounts and empty them out or anything. Thanks for any help! Edited to add- I live in Ohio, this was filed in a local muni court.