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  1. @RyanEX Thank you! Regarding the admissions + interrogatories they are almost identical. I have a few extras in the admissions: - All conditions precedent to payment of the unpaid principal balance due have been performed, waived, satisfied or extinguished - You have no valid affirmative defenses to this action
  2. Hi @BV80 @RyanEX or anyone else that can help! I did not reply to their requests for admissions in time (which I now understand was probably an end all for me). I received a second packet, which says I waived my right to object to any requests and they now demand that I serve them with my response to request for admissions on or before Nov 2. "The requesting party may move for an order that the genuineness of any documents and the truth of any matters specified in the requested be deemed admitted...etc." Two things here- 1. They didn't serve me and this packet was plopped in front of my door after November 2 (11/5) - does this mean anything? 2. Is it game over for me? Is there anything else I can do or should do? Thank you!
  3. @RyanEX Hi! It's Winn Law Group. That would be great to see some samples, thank you!
  4. Hi everyone, In April 2018, I was sued by Cavalry for a Citibank debt of around $9K. I filed my answer within the 30 days, and just this past week received a Request for Admissions/discovery demands. They have also attached a bunch of my account statements from 2014-2015 and a card agreement. Could anyone help me with the next step? I am fighting this on my own. There is no set court date. The statute of limitations was up in May 2018, however they filed the original paperwork way before that (although I was not served until months later) so I am not sure if it will help my case at all. Thank you so much.