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  1. card member services or something. definitely not from midland.
  2. yes. just this paper in fedex envelope. I wasn't even sure it was from midland. but midland is the only one been sending me letter with this name. so I assume it was them....I think I might send them another letter to ask for more info?
  3. yes. I copied a general validation letter and mail to them.
  4. Hi I sent Midland credit management a DV request. they replied me with this a few weeks later. just application. no amount owed, nothing. is it good enough for DV? should I request again for more info? because I really not sure when was my last payment on this debt. it is not on my CR. In CA, the SOL is 4 year correct? so if my last payment was more than 4 years. that mean they cant sue me? thank you for your time.
  5. the OC still showing on my report. none of the collection company show on my credit report. it just shows the OC and it shows derogatory. what should I do with it? contact the OC? I try not to get sue.
  6. thank you for your reply, so since they sent me the valid validating. I should contact them to arrange payment to prevent getting sue? will they send me any document before they sue me? or they will just serve me without any notice?
  7. none of these CAs shows on my report. not even MIDLAND, the 2 agencies colleting samedebt, still shows JPM not those 2 collecting agencies. I received both collection letters maybe 3 weeks apart from each CA. I have changed my name, MIDLAND debt was under my previous name. is it that's why it doesn't show on my current credit report? can they still sue me if the name is not matched? thank you for your reply
  8. Hi, everyone, I have recently mailed out 2 DV to 2 different collection. 1st is midland credit management, they sent me a credit application, without any amount I owe or any statement, just my personal info. is that a valid debt validation? what should I do with it? 2nd one I sent to 2 different collection agencies colleting the same debt. then southwest airline sent me 2 statements one is more recent. the other one is back in 02/05/2013. what should I do next? I am located in CA. I am really new to this, should I wait for being sue or should I contact them to arrange payment t