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  1. Oh so m&j is just representing circle back? Most likely is what i think your saying. Oc is original creditor? Thank you!
  2. Ok thank you so much! I will check into this.
  3. Oh i got scammed? Dang. I know they get a cut. They did good for me besides on this huge debt with circle back lending who sold it to m&j. The contract is for $430 a month until fully paid off. However ndr and i have tried to settle a couple times with m&j and m&j kept settlement out of my reach. However this time i asked cuz i have some money and ndr said we cant but then told me call tomorrow.
  4. Hey everyone! I had a debt of almost $25,000 with circle back that was bought by Machol and Johannes. I was with national debt relief when we signed a $408 month payment plan. Ndr told me that we could renegotiate down the road. We tried to renegotiate twice with M&J and once we offered $13k and they countered with $16k. Then again with $5k and they said $9k. Unfortunately both times we didn't have that amount of money. Fast forward to right now and we owe $12,600. I called NDR and a supervisor said since we signed a contract($408 a month) we couldn't try to negotiate with them. I said i have before and he said call tomorrow. I have some questions that i hope can be answered by smarter people then me can answer. 1. Has anyone dealt with Machol & Johannes and do they ever settle? 2. If NDR says i cant renegotiate tomorrow even though i have before, should i cut my contract and deal with M&J solo? 3. If $12,600 is what I owe, what lump sum if they do settle should i be ready for? Thanks
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