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  1. My court case of course got pushed back because COVID hit. Finally in August of 2020 they held my case over zoom meeting along with 5 other people. When they finally got to me I assumed it was my case for the motion to compel Arbitration (which was granted). It was not my MTC it was a debt hearing case. The judge was pretty dumbfounded when I said that I had filed the motion to compel Arbitration and Midland and their lawyers know that and they are disregarding that motion and still trying to go ahead with the debt settlement. The Midland lawyer scrambled with their paperwork and said "ohhh ye
  2. I can handle people being rude don't get me wrong. You just don't need to be when someone is lost and looking for help. If you're tired of helping people who don't understand then simply don't comment when you're tagged. I can get how it could be exhausting answering the same ol questions, but it doesn't help anyone who is already stressed from this situation to be rude. Clearly I've searched for motions in my state and even here on these fourms and showed it to you and you said wrong wrong wrong... so searching did no help. Anyways i already printed and will file what i have. If its wrong oh
  3. I understand how arbitration works now Ive read his post on arbitration 4 times. I have points to argue my case already too. I followed what @fisthardcheese said put a section for both cases. I have all credit card agreements printed, jams & aaa printed, the sell of paypal credit printed. The only thing I hugely struggle with is the format of a MTC and knowing if it's right because there are so many on this website that people said they filed and I dont know if its right plus what they have filed was for one case not two. Also I don't have any of my info on it like case number so i dont kn
  4. @WhoCares1000 can you take a look at the revised MTC i posted. I really wanted to get this printed off today and file by tomorrow to get this done and over with and so i dont have to worry about sending stuff off anymore, but want a second pair of eyes to take a look at it. @fisthardcheese hasn't responded yet.
  5. @fisthardcheese Re-vised MTC how is this? I ended up adding the sell on PayPal in there because I have read where the court throws the arbitration case out for not having the correct agreement dates and I wanna have my behind covered just in case they see the date of the Synchrony agreement and it States June/2019, but my default is Feb 2018. I will be attaching Synchrony and Paypal's press release on the sale and an additional article that says Synchrony will not be taking over until the 3rd quarter of 2018. To show why there is no agreement for Synchrony at the time of default. So is t
  6. MOTION TO COMPEL PRIVATE/CONTRACTUAL ARBITRATION AND TO STAY PROCEEDINGS PENDING ARBITRATION NOW COMES Defendant, appearing Pro Se for its Motion to Compel Private Contractual Arbitration and as grounds thereto states the following: 1. That on or about September 10th, 2019, Plaintiff filed its Complaint against Defendant. 2. Defendant sent a letter via certified mail to Plaintiff's attorney on October 3rd, 2019, electing arbitration with JAMS (Comenity Bank Agreement) and AAA (Comenity Capital Bank/ Synchrony Bank Agreement) and requesting dismissal of this case. (see Exhib
  7. I get what you posted you didn't need to post it 3 times it just makes you come off condescending and rude clearly I read it the first time so that's why I went back and changed the MTC this was before I found the paypal agreements so at that time I was only going to arbitrate one case hints the one agreement content. After I changed and posted again you just said don't worry about MTC yet file answer so I did. I asked specific questions now that I am ready to file the MTC and they werent answered so posting the same thing an additional 2 times wasn't helpful at all. But thanks for answer
  8. On mobile you don't have a signature and I use mobile 99% of the time. But when you say completely redo I'm thinking you mean everything you listed plus my heading, how the plaintiff is written out the first 3 sections of the MTC. When you're talking to someone who has no idea what a MTC format should be you cant say completely redo because I'm lead to believe i need a blank word sheet and find a whole new format like everything on it now is wrong. I ask specific questions so i know specifically what I should change or keep and none of those questions get answers so you just confuse me more th
  9. @WhoCares1000 I've already read the "Arbitration Overview and Strategy (2018 - Most Up To Date Info)" is that what you're talking about?
  10. @fisthardcheese I did redo the first MTC that I posted on page one. I re-added the mtc on page 2 of this thread revised. I added the verbiage for my 1 specific CC agreements and posted it again, but you told me not to file the MTC yet so I didn't know if I did it right or not. I don't understand how to start the verbiage of a MTC or how to layer it out. This layout was what I found from people on this board who file their MTC. I need to see a hard copy I can change words from because other then that I have no idea how to structure it out and will be lost.
  11. @WhoCares1000 and @fisthardcheese I filed my answer Friday and sent their attorney a certified letter with it too. The clerk at the window told me they would be in contact when a court date opens up. I asked if I bring the MTC to him and he said yes or I could email it. I would rather take it in. Now what I need help with is the MTC.... is the one I posted earlier on this thread ok? Do I need the notary part or should I take it off? Do I print out two MTC for each claim or stack it all into one MTC and the JAMS, AAA, 2 Agreements in to one package and take that to the court?