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  1. I hired a lawyer to represent me and to try and have 2 small collection accounts owned by different collection companies removed from my credit report. Both of them I could pay in full if required and my intention are to negotiate the best deal that improves my credit score. One company has told my lawyer that they do not remove record of collection from the credit report, and the other has not responded to my lawyer yet. I am wondering which scenario would be a better option for my bank account and credit score which is in the mid 600's right now. 1) Ask my lawyer to negotiate ha
  2. I was able to get my Equifax report online, but have to call to request my Transunion report. My Equifax report has only 1 of the 3 collections: MEADE & ASSOC (collector since 06/10/2014) - For medical treatment $660 The date of first delinquency is 10/25/2013 which I think means in Ohio I have 2 months until the SOL is up. (6 years +1 month) My question is what will happen to this when the statue of limitations is reached and what can I do to maximize my score? Will the CA report it as a charge off on my CR? Can I legally have it removed from my CR ASAP when it reach
  3. So DOFD would be the first late payment on the account held by the original creditor? What about dates the collection agencies may have recorded for correspondence, are they on these reports? It's been awhile so I am not 100% confident I have not spoke to one or more of them 1 time before adding them to my ignore list so I thought this would possibly reset the dates required for collection.
  4. That's a great question and I honestly don't know. At that time in my life I was ignorantly ignoring my debts to focus on other priorities. I haven't requested a copy of my credit reports yet to verify this information. What I have is the info from my Credit Karma account. Thanks.
  5. I am in a position now where I can comfortably work on my credit repair and have been for almost a year. The last items on my list are the 3 collections on my CR. I can manage full payment of 2 accounts now, but would like to approach this in the most efficient manner if I can reduce the payment and MOST importantly remove them from my credit reports but I am unsure if I should be contacting all 3 agencies now or focus my efforts on 1 at a time. DIVERSIFIED CONSULTNTS (not original collector) - For Sprint cell contract $687 9-10 years since contract. Report date Dec 17, 2018