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  1. Ok, thank you! I thought it was kind of shady for PRA to file the lawsuit back in August while not serving me the complaint yet. I guess this is their way of intimidating consumers.
  2. The original creditor is Comenity Bank/ Z Gallerie for $2,954.47. Should I go down to the clerk of courts to request to see what was filed? I haven't been served any papers as of yet. So, I don't have any info regarding court dates or the Plaintiff's Original Petition that was filed with the court.
  3. Hello. I hope I am in the right forum. I am currently unemployed and I REALLY need some help regarding my issue. I am currently located in Dallas, TX (Dallas County). I received two letters in the mail today from two local attorneys. The first letter is from Rausch Sturm and the second letter is from Heston Law Firm LLC. The letter from Rausch Sturm has my name, the Creditor (Portfolio Recovery Associates), case# filed with the Dallas Co. court (precinct 1), account balance ($2,954.47) and account #. The letter from RS is dated September 16, 2019. Briefly, the letter says: