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  1. Hello @WhoCares1000 and @fisthardcheese I've read your advice and greatly appreciate the responses. I checked my credit reports and their names show up no where on them. They did contact me this morning via my cellphone which I answered because I was expecting another call and didn't recognize the number. When they called they simply asked to speak to "Silver" and did not state my last name. I asked who was calling and they used the law office name. They asked if I had received a notification in the mail, which I denied because I personally didn't receive one and like you stated, @WhoCares1000, that letter was addressed to the postmaster, not my mother. The gentleman on the phone then proceeded to try to confirm my mailing address which I refused again until he stated what exactly he was calling for. He refused to tell me what he was calling for because he said he was "unable to confirm that he was speaking to Silver," and then proceeded to tell me to look for a notification from them in my mail. That was the end of the conversation. I checked my call log and discovered they had tried contacting me before on October 3rd which I didn't answer then and they never left a voicemail. The plan is to lay as low as possible from these people.
  2. Hello, I have read on this site that there are quite a few people familiar with this law firm. I have not been served yet and would like to get ahead of the process just in case. The document attached was sent to my mothers residence after I moved from CA to UT so the law firm does not yet have my new address. I'm not sure whether to call the law office and request further information or how to proceed. I have no clue what debt that are trying to collect on, how much they are expecting to collect, etc. This debt is in my maiden name also. From the information I have gathered from other threads these people are not nice or easy to deal with. Any and all advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Silver
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