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  1. Wondering if anyone has information on what could happen, they tried serving me this morning but something I didn’t mention is I moved from the address where I first got the notice, I moved 2 months ago. I know the people that live in my old place and they called and told me they were looking for me and he told them I didn’t live there anymore and the person took pictures of the place and left. What could happen next, he didn’t get my number or new address.
  2. Do you suggest for me to wait and see if I get another response from them without me doing anything? On the letter I received from them it doesn’t say I have to respond within a certain amount of days or anything. Puts me in the spot where I really don’t know how to approach the situation.
  3. All my other accounts look like that except for this one, they have no information other than the amount that is owed
  4. Thank you for the information and help I received the letter yesterday and last night I got my free credit report and under that account it says “The following accounts are reported with no adverse information.” And it doesn’t show any information on when my last payment was or anything, I’ve tried to see how I can actually find the last time I made a payment and haven’t had any success yet this is all it says, it doesn’t really give me any information at all
  5. If I remember correctly, it’s getting close to the 4 years since I last made a payment on that account, it use to show as “In collection/charge-off” but since Calvary took it over it shows the account status as open since 3 months ago without any information going back to when it belonged to Citibank
  6. Hello everyone, I need someone help, more than anything I’m scared for what could come from this. I received a letter from Winn Law Group where I’m assuming they’re representing Cavalry SPV. The letter says “Notice of Intention to File Litigation and Incur Court Costs and Legal Fees” doesn’t have a date for me to respond back by or anything. That use to be a Citibank account and has been passed around for close to 4 years now but since Cavalry bought it I can’t see when was the last time I actually made a payment when it was still Citibank. any help would help and I would really appreciate it