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  1. I only have one suit and it’s been 3 yrs since I defaulted. I have one of these hanging in collections but it’s not the OC. Every other Dept was discharged but they could still come back to haunt me I suppose for a couple more years. I have a good job but still live paycheck to paycheck with dependents. I don’t own anything. I’m not in a mortgage, Ford owns most of my car and I don’t have any money is savings or retirement. I’m not sure it’s smart for me to file as most did not deem it worth it to come after me. I can set up an appt for advice but I think it may be wise for me to try to settle if possible.
  2. So I should reach out to BB&t or the lawyer representing? What should I offer? They are asking 12K and I have no lump sum to pay. The bank waited almost 3 years to file. Now I have a decent job so I’m worried they will garnish my wages. There was no contract in the complain only one portion of the last statement with the account number blacked out. Would I be better off showing to court date and asking for a payment over 5 years? I was thinking about trying to get bankruptcy in time as I’m afraid more of these summons may find there way here.
  3. I used general denial, unconscionability, laches, the compliant fails to state a claim upon which relief can be granted and I put the defendant has a right to amend and or add additional answers ...they did the request for interrogatories. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. BB&t is suing me. I filed my answer mostly no knowledge and therefore deny and included affirmative defenses. Now they have filed a motion to strike my affirmative defenses as well as interrogatories, request to produce, certificate of completion, request for admissions. I have no idea what to do now. I don’t want to loose and incur more legal fees?
  5. I answered a compliant and summons against lawyer representing BB&t. I denied or said lack knowledge and therefore deny on all pint and I used 4 affirmative defenses. They have filed a motion to strike my affirmative defenses, and request to answer interrogatories. Also a request for admissions and request to produce as well as certificate of completion. I’m in over my head now but does anyone have any suggestions? I have never seen any contract that I signed in my paperwork. Only a statement with the account number blacked out.
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