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  1. Research the doctrine of privity of contract. Read the attachments. If LVNV was not apart of the original contract, the do not stand to sue. They must prove assignment, too. Chances are they do not it. I presume their suing under account stated? See the case involving Target National Bank regarding account stated. AND You may be able to get the case dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. READ BELOW! Check with your the local state agency that handles Financial Institutions and Banks to see if licensing/permitting is required for any bank to to operate as a bank within you
  2. Hello. I was sued by Discover Bank, by and through its counsel, Gurstel Law Firm, here in the Phoenix, AZ area. I took the suit to the appeals court level and WON (ruling as of October 2020). As it turns out, Discover Bank violated several Arizona laws because the bank is not licensed in the state of Arizona to conduct banking business because it does not maintain a branch/banking office in Arizona. The appeals judge reversed the lower court's decision and vacated the judgment against me based on subject-matter jurisdiction. Discover Bank is a Delaware state banks chartered and and