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  1. I meant that my lawyer notified the DC about my BK but my case with PRA is in county so I don't know if that information trickled down or not.
  2. AAA 30 day appeal deadline is Nov 22 PRA introduced a Motion for Arb Award on Nov 9 (no copy sent to me) I filed Bk Nov 11 Judgement granted Nov 15.
  3. Sounds good. I know he sent notification to PRA, the arbitrator herself (??) and the District Court. Not sure if that's the same as the county court.
  4. Thank you! I know my lawyer sent something to the District court (is that the same as County Court/will it reach them if not?). Wasn't sure if a notice of BK would show up on the court detail page.
  5. Nor did they provide me with a copy of the motion they filed two days before I declared BK (and still within the 30 day appeal period.) wondering if it's worth the energy to go object to the the judgement...?
  6. So the court granted a judgement against me yesterday (so I found out from looking up the case online.) It hasn't been 30 days since the arbitration, so I didn't think they could do that yet...?
  7. Oh. Oh well, I've already filed BK so it doesn't really matter I suppose
  8. Doesn't it say somewhere in the AAA rules that arb awards are final?
  9. Interesting because PRA already went to County Court to start entering a judgement before the 30 days was even up.
  10. I think they are entering a judgement in court. On my case there's a new entry of Exhibits/Proposed Order/Mtn for Arbitration Award. My arguments in terms of the 10 years of payments was this - I don't know why my Autopay turned off, but it did and I wasn't aware of it. When it defaulted was around the same time they changed things around with our street name and added N and S to certain neighborhoods, and I frequently get mail for the N version of my address and vice versa. So I never received a single letter from Citi about default or anything from PRA.
  11. I already filed BK, but according to this it's 6k to file an appeal, so I just said screw it. It's been a long time coming anyways and now with COVID annihilating my field of work, it just makes sense
  12. Yeah the whole thing was very confusing. I presented evidence of calls, witnesses to them calling my workplace, the "affidavit of sale" that had wrong dates on it (by 4 years nonetheless - they brought a witness to explain that this was irrelevant but he couldn't say why, and this wasn't even addressed in the final decision) wrote out a long brief, etc etc. I don't think I should release the arb's name publicly. This is the final part of the decision. "Claimant alleged various violations of federal and state laws that are designed to protect consumers from harassment and abuse from d
  13. I'm filing for BK Monday 😕 it looked like appealing was 6k!
  14. The lawyers for PRA made it a point in arbitration to say "they know people look online and think by pushing arbitration it will cost us so much we will back down, but we are wise to the game and don't back down."
  15. I lost in arbitration and the arbitrator deemed it patently frivolous so I am ordered to pay their fees (double the original debt.)