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  1. Do you know if there is a specific US code for this sort of conduct?
  2. I'll type those out in a bit - quick question. They brought on a second attorney into arb who is not licensed in my state. Can they do that?
  3. I want to make sure I have this straight - my claims would be what is laid out in my Demand, right? Violations of various consumer laws basically. Does every other argument come in the brief I write after discovery? A big one is a notorized bill of Sale with a major typo, and things like I never was notified of the debt until I was served, etc. The second part says I have 30 days to give answers or counterclaims but I can't really do that until after discovery...? Here is the timeline sent by the arb:
  4. She said I can submit a brief after discovery and that she'd be sending a timeline. I am with AAA so I have a brief idea but there's nothing yet. I wonder if they're trying to figure out how a zoom hearing would be billed to PRA...
  5. No - I received them via email and responded before the prelim hearing that I objected in a response via email but I did not hear a reply. I asked in the prelim if I needed to object now to anything in PRAs brief and the arbitrator said not yet.
  6. Had the preliminary hearing with AAA today... the lawyer for PRA is really angry now because I got an in person hearing granted. She asked for a zoom meeting to keep costs down because her partner and witness would need to travel. I informed the arb that my internet connection is incredibly unstable so we will see... I guess it's on to discovery now. I plan to ask them for all call records, names of witnesses, etc. I need to write a brief and especially dispute their request that I pay their arb fees and one of my biggest exhibits (I hope and think) is a motorized Bill of Sale that has a major date error. Any tips moving forward on this? and thank you again all of you for your help!
  7. No the initial hearing is on June 1st. I found out my arbitrator knows my boss (assuming I go back to work when restaurants can reopen) by a Google search lol. Is there a template I can use to start preparing a brief? I don't remember doing anything like what they uploaded, just something saying PRA violates consumer rules, etc in the demand. Im reading over the prelim hearing info sheet and it says one of the discussions will be "whether claims for attorneys fees , costs, interests exist." What happened to them not being able to try and get their costs awarded from me? @fisthardcheesewhat do you think?
  8. Do you have any further advice on what to argue/present in the initial telephone hearing (AAA)? Do they ask why you'd request an in-person?
  9. When you say run up their costs - do you mean filing objections? Asking for an in person hearing? Basically what are all the ways I can stretch this out for them?
  10. Nope. I've never had a job that paid more than 25-30K a year. It is bizarre.
  11. I know I'm surprised myself. I definitely do not have a high paying job, in fact I'm currently unemployed due to COVID19. My credit score is garbage. I have no idea why they did this? I can only wonder if the attorney has almost a personal vendetta now - the day in court I presented the MTC she cornered me beforehand and started off all sweet, trying to settle (for 4800, ironically) and when I said no, I wanted to proceed to the judge to order arb, it was like a Jeckyll and Hyde switch. She got nasty and said arb was going to cost me so much money, blah blah. Even in front of the judge she was grasping at strings, and basically had nothing, and he said he was glad at least *I* showed up prepared and well spoken (lol.) PRA did call this morning from one of their 200000 numbers, but I missed it.
  12. Damn. They have paid. Just got this from AAA. I never heard a reply on my objection on their brief asking for me to repay their arb costs either. "Hello, We note both Parties were copied on the email below. To date, the AAA has received the following payments from Respondent: $300 Filing fee (administrative) $1400 Case management fee (administrative) $2500 Arbitrator’s compensation deposit With all payments now received, the preliminary hearing has been set"
  13. So according to this Shouldn't they have paid $1900 by now? Also @fisthardcheese since I received that brief that they want me to pay 4800 (arb costs to date they claim) way before AAA sent a letter saying they had not received the 1400 and PRA promptly paid that and the arb was assigned - does your advice still stand re: filing a new complaint for misrepresentation of their cost to date? I sent an email to see if I can get an invoice of what they've paid and when.
  14. Yup the prelim is scheduled. I think the point that @fisthardcheese is making is that their costs probably aren't 4800 as they claimed.