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  1. Is there any way I can use these two non-suits to have it dismissed with prejudice? So they don't come back and and hassle me a third time?
  2. I live here in TX and were sued by the exact same people for citibank here in Tarrant County. They've tried suing me twice and both times they dropped the case at the last minute. I made em work for it. They had all the proper documentation and chain of custody to have me dead to rights. I figured- if I'm goin down, I'm gonna drag my feet and kick as much as I can and make them pay for it! I filed as many motions for continuances as I could and denied everything right down to the mediation. I would've tried to work out some kind of deal, but I just didn't have the money so I just flat ou
  3. Well that's just splendid! This is the 2nd time they've done that! Thank you for your reply
  4. I was being sued by PRA in Texas and one day before we were supposed to go to trial, I received a schedule change saying "Non-suit entered". Does that mean they dropped the case? If so; that wouldn't make sense; they had me dead to rights. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. So, here's where I am: A year ago I was sued over this same citibank CC debt, but they dropped the case without prejudice. I assumed it was because I was fighting them tooth and nail and it wasn't worth the $2000 they were suing me for. Well, they came back and I was served again near the beginning of March of last year. I filed my answer letter and it went to mediation. I chose to take it to court rather than admit the debt was mine. The discovery they showed me is looking pretty intimidating. They have the chain of custody (Ever statement from 10/2017 - 9/2018, or when the card went
  6. Ok, This is the Answer letter I have drafted. I have responded to each and every allegation individually instead of answering all with one line. You think it's solid? I have left my name and case# out for the purpose of this forum. Thank you again Answer Template edited3.odt
  7. Do you know what they meant in the first part about discovery? How should I respond in my answer letter? I mean, am I denying they asked for discovery?
  8. I don't know- it was just a hope. I guess arbitration is out of the game plan
  9. Aug of 2015 What's the survivability clause? I can't find anything like that in my card agreement
  10. Ok, so- I just got served papers stating that I'm being sued by Cap1(the company, not a debt collector I think). I'm getting ready to put together my answer letter but the first part of petition is : "I. DISCOVERY LEVEL 1.Plaintiff intends to be conducted under Level 1 of Rule 190 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure." What exactly does that mean? How should I answer it in my answer letter? In addition to the summons, they attached 2 different copies of bill statements as "Exhibit 1". How and when can I request all the documents they're using against me? And also