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  1. Will do. Thanks very much.
  2. Thank you very much to you both. My plan was to send a letter tomorrow with a check for the exact amount owed, along with a letter asking they do not report (I think they already told me on the phone last week that they reported, though, which I will verify.) But you guys are saying to not send the payment immediately and to rather send that PDF request in priority certified mail first?
  3. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. that’s not a question. The answer is yes - pay in full tomorrow. My question is what can I do to ensure this doesn’t affect my credit report? Write a letter to the collection agency explaining this whole situation, along with my previous 650 credit score to prove how serious I am, and hope for the best?
  4. Hi all, So...last week, I was informed for the first time of a debt I owe from November 2017 (an old apartment complex I moved out of in November). When I moved out, they signed forms showing I had $0 balance. I now received proof from a collection agency showing that this was false and that I owe $800ish (and I think they're right). I had a 650 credit score before this and don't want it to affect my credit, but since I hung up on the collection agency guy after being on the phone with him for 2 minutes a month and a half ago (asking him why he's calling me from my area code when his busi