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  1. I too didn't deal with anyone over the phone. I was dealing with the local attorney office. They are way too easy to deal with and also told me do the best you can we're here for you. If they don't keep their words with me I'll report to the attorney bars if anything is violated since there's a default clauses in there. I'm hoping it never gets there. Shouldn't at least.
  2. Thank you. What's discover card point I'm still trying to figure out why they go to the limit they do? For example commencement fee paid $1500. Debt itself $5900. And settlement at 1800. I don't understand? Will I also get a 1099c? That's why I'm paying until 2020
  3. Very happy with how discover card and the attorney dealt with me. I can't Post settlement due to sign confidentiality but I'll tell you when they come for you it's not about the money with them. My debt along with commencement fee was more than agreed upon. Can't be happier. Done deal on my end
  4. Harry Seawood. Pathetic. Makes his comments then closes down threads. Wants to be the only vocal voice. Listen up people Harry told me I shouldn't response to discover that I should put my tail between my legs and hide in other words get default judgment. When I called him out he responded to my threads and then closed it down. If that's not nazi behavior then what is. Do not listen to him or Clydemom their motive is one that doesn't make sense. There's more going on here. Have the guts to debate me vs posting your comments then close thread. Lol 😂
  5. Harry Seawood the staff on here responded to my last thread and then closed the thread down. He wants his statement to be the last. Guess we're back to the Nazi days
  6. And the award for dental goes to you got it ladies and gentlemen the one and only the one who create panic the one who tries to scare who is it ... Drum roll... clydemom come on down get your bully award
  7. And the bullying award goes to clydemom. The one person who will lie, and try to scare you. This keyboard warrior will try tell you to sell your wife and kids to pay back discover. Congrats on your poor advise and trying to scare someone. Remember you telling me that my reasons would not get me a good deal. What say you now keyboard warrior?
  8. A certified letter stating I elect arbination to both parties attorney and discover
  9. also he only post to my threads when I was asking about arbitration and how to go about fighting it he never once responded when I asked if I should settle or anything of that sort.he only came out when I indicating him on this thread that he was giving me wrong advice without even mentioning his name. he knew I was talking about him so he calls himself out and then continues to tell me how he is not a bully and he is doing an amazing job giving everyone horrible is scary if I would have listened to this individual I would have had a judgement against me shame on him her or it
  10. Again those who live in glass houses should never throw rock at others You gave me advice, or feedback that was devastating. Your sir have other motives here SHAME on you if so
  11. no both of you are bullies. Give ill advice and shouldn't' be a part of this forum. You judge to quickly and are keyboard warriors. Relax buddy you are not taking any trophies home.
  12. And I was discouraged by clycdemom to do that as well. Go read her comment to me. Disclaimer: I did provide 2 death certificates (1 ho-spic) letter so maybe just maybe that helped. The attorneys office was respectful-kind and caring. I am happy this is over- but wanted my point of view to be heard.
  13. Trying to earn your cookies I see. LOL- I am actually laughing very hard towards you. I see you agree with convicting someone rather than helping... I see you throw rocks when you too live in a glass house. Maybe you should go back and read this threads again? Telling someone to "give up and run" is not a good advice. Digusting that a forum such like this is created to beat a person down.
  14. not at all. Most everyone was very kind here. Besides the staffer who is giving everyone horrible advice which is bury your head and allow garnishments and judgments to take place. The other who is known as " clydemom" here to try to scare you into a panic mode. I have had no other issues with anyone here. It scares me that one can tell someone just roll over and play dead. Not even criminals are treated this way. There is a due process in life- innocent until proven guilty . I just laughed at the so call staffer who THANK GOD is not an attorney otherwise would lose his licenses for l
  15. So I ask you again- what is this forum for? Is that what this forums are for to exchange legal minds? If anyone was to listen to you- they would have a lien against them, judgment against them. Your opinions do not matter to me- we are all here to share ideas and processes- not to judge one another. The debt is not for you to judge. You shouldn't be allowed to give any feedback or ideas as your not open minded. I did everything the opposite of what you barked at me and WON big time. Do not give me your lecture.