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  1. There is something in there that says they would charge me attorneys fees to “enforce the agreement” should I ask to have that removed? I would post the agreement but there is also an NDA clause
  2. Yes, they are agreeing to walk away it seems based on their release agreement. I am only asking if there are certain things I should look for in the release agreement such as for them to take off the mark from my credit report, and to not charge any attorneys fees etc.. thank you kindly.
  3. Hello, I am the original poster. I received a "settlement and release" agreement offer from the lawyer on friday. i am wondering if there is anything that should really be in there. it says that if i sign it they will "dismiss the case with prejudice". there was no request for any dollar amount. my question is. what are next steps? is there anything i should request to be put in? like no attorneys fees or to remove it from my credit report? also, do i need to ask them to file a stipulation of discontinuance? thank yoU!
  4. Hi and thanks in advance for reading- so 2 weeks ago I was served by cavalry’s attorney (Jenkins and Young in Texas) for an old Citibank debt. It was filed in district court. A few days ago I filed my answer and motion to compel arbitration. The debt is for about $1,900. I reached out to the attorney after filing to see if they would dismiss. I reached out through the “make an offer to settle” link on their website. Also, they received by email and mail copies of my court filings. It has been almost a week since I reached out and I have not heard a word. Do you think they will wait until