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  1. Midland Funding has started a new court strategy in Texas and maybe other states also. Reviewing the Texas online court records, Midland has started opening old cases with Default Judgements. They have reopened dozens of cases in 2019 and none in 2018. The cases are asking for courts to garnish money from major banks like JP Morgan and others. I don’t think the law has changed in Texas regarding garnishments, ( Texas law prevents wage garnishment on consumer debt.) Midland has found something or someway to get information on the defendants in their old Judgment wins. If anyone has some information on this, please inform us. The e-file count on debt cases being filed has continued to grow at an alarming rate. I feel we are witnessing something regarding consumer debt and the court system of great importance in history.
  2. I received a WELCOME letter from Midland on a Synchrony Debt. I responded with a certified letter for validation. I did not receive the green card back in the mail. The USPS website shows it was received . I printed out the the tracking and receiving data from the USPS web site. I don't know how often this happens, but in my opinion it sure seems odd. I received a second Welcome letter in three weeks, but no validation data. Any ideas on my next move?
  3. My Story continued: Now for those that think I am a disreputable person for not paying my debts, I respect your opinion. I lived beyond my means far too long and this is the result, I wanted my income to grow to meet my living, but it didn't. I have accepted my consequences and completely changed my lifestyle. I will never go in debt again, ever. If you are in this debt collection situation, and you are reading this forum then you are on the right track. I believe you have to take an aggressive stance to defend against the actions of the collectors. I realize they have a job to do, but that is one job I could not do. My fight is against the collectors and the process. I will use the same process they use against them. To start your defense you have to prioritize your time to learn to defend yourself or hire and attorney. If you are like me and don't have money to hire an attorney then be pro-active. That means open your mail and read any correspondence from collectors, do not ignore the letters. Follow the steps on this forum to request validation from creditors and be prepared to answer any lawsuits when you are served by a processor. The validation request templates are on this forum and other places. More important action is to answer a lawsuit if you are served. This is imperative. If you don't answer in the time frame of your court jurisdiction, then you are way behind in your defense and will most likely lose and get a judgment against you. I learned a lot by studying the court records of the counties that post their records on-line. The people that don't answer after being served are the debt collectors delight. They file for a summary judgement against you and win. The on-line records that show the answers to the debt collectors are a total different story. I used some of those answers to draft my answer to my lawsuit. Most of those are dismissed . If my case is dismissed then it may be refilled again at a later date until the statute of limitations is reached, which in Texas is four years. This four years starts when you stop paying the debt. If you stop and then start up again or promise to pay, the time starts over. continued .....
  4. This is the start of MY story to address, defend and clean up my outstanding debt. I have been sued by one of the major law firms that represent both JDB and OC in TEXAS. The firm operates in other states besides Texas, so their strategy may be the same outside of Texas. MY accounts in collections with a variety of collectors, have account totals ranging from $2k up to $14k. I will post the status of my defense actions and results as they progress. I am not working presently and hope the employment situation will change soon, as a result I have time to research and defend myself. First case has been filed and I was personally served. I answered the complaint with information provided on this great forum. I believe this forum is monitored by collectors so I will be careful and may or may not change location and dates of the process. I have not retained counsel and plan on defending myself all the way. I believe I am judgement proof presently because I have no wages to garnish or bank accounts to levy. But if I do get a job, that situation may change. Here is the most important thing I have learned to date: Beginning last year most courts in the US have allowed lawsuits to be filed on-line through the e-file system. This has made it extremely easy for Plaintiffs (the debt holders) to file suit against YOU & ME. They do not have to go to the court records Department to file claims against you. The courts like this because the budgets of the courts get the increase revenue from the filing fees. It is a lot easier for a court clerk to handle filings on-line then actually record the filing in person. Curiously I have not heard anything about this fact going on in our Court System. This is a lot of money flowing into the local governments. You can see this for your self by going to large counties that have there court records online. The filing attorneys have a standard template they use where they put your name, account number and amount of the debt. They file as many as 10 or more a day. There are courts that handle hundreds of flings a day, some charge $300 each to file, you do the MATH. This to ME is a revelation that will have unknown consequences on the public. Now going forward, We the public need to use this new filing systems to our advantage when possible, and that is what I am going to do and relay to the forum. Continued......
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