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  1. 2014 sadly, I think they removed the arbitration clause after 2010. Looks like I'm SOL : (
  2. Hi, thx for the response. 1: I am filing an answer as we speak, just not sure what to put in it. 2: I did default due to going to a professional school and losing all income. 3: should I call the office that is suing me and offering them a settlement or?
  3. Hi guys, I was served a summons that I'm being sued from what I assume is a junk debt collector on behalf of capital one. What should I do in this case ? File an answer and deny this or ask for more documents to confirm the validity of the account. Ive attached the files I've received. Im new to this and not a native English speaking individual, I would appreciate any help. Thank you. Exibit a and B are just the account agreement and one of my statements when the account was charged off. IMG_2272.HEIC
  4. Stenger and stenger has sent me interogattories when I asked for proof of debt. Completely disregarding my request, as I expected. What should I do know ? The other guys (javicth) haven't even responded.
  5. Thank you for taking time to respond to my post. I have filed an answer today. Should I go ahead and file an MTC immediately as well or wait till I hear back from the Judge ?
  6. Hello, Can anyone give me an advice on what to do? Stenger is suing me for 1998 dollars for a Best Buy Citi card and Javitch Block llc for 1200 from synchrony bank (amazon card) Do I need to file an answer or ask for arbitration immediately ? This was served to my roommate and I found out 3 days later that it was actually meant for me. I am a non native English speaker but have no fear doing this myself and taking on the fight. I would really appreciate if anyone that knows KY laws can help me.