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  1. I called the court and their words were, the plaintiff withdrew the case. I’m sure that the judge granted this withdraw because I was supposed to appear by telephone which was granted by the judge and the judge said that his assistant would call at 9:30am yesterday and I never received a call and I called the court 3 times and the third time they said that it was withdrawn. Should I send a motion to dismiss with prejudice? Or what do I do next?
  2. I just heard from the court that the creditor withdrew his motion for summary judgment. What is next? What will they try to do? Can I file a motion to dismiss with prejudice or will they just look at that and say "What is this for since the case was withdrawn?" Do I need to worry about the creditor renewing their motion for summary judgment? Do I need to worry about the creditor filing another motion? If he does, can I use the fact that he withdrew the motion for summary judgment, against him?