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  1. I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in august 1999. I converted to chapter 7 in june 2000 at which time i reaffirmed my mortgage with greenpoint credit. in the mean time my loan was sold to greentree, then to ditech, and finally cascade financial in april 2018. 2 months after cascade financial purchased the loan i paid it off. in the almost 20 years that i had the loan i never missed a payment or was ever late with one yet 18 1/2 years later cascade financial is still reporting my loan as reaffirmation of debt which is being shown as derogatory on my transunion credit file and substantially lowering my credit score. my question is can they legally report it as reaffirmation of debt after 18.5 years. i thought that the limitation for derogatory information was 10 years for bankruptcy and 7 years for anything else. i have disputed this with transunion but they keep reporting it after the dispute as accurate.