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  1. How did I breach the agreement? I tried making the payment. TWO seperate occasions. The rules and regulations state a payment cannot be refused. The terms may have changed due to the servicing of the loan, however, no advance notice of any change was given, nor any notice there was a transfer of the loan. I think that is what is referenced as a hello and a goodbye letter. Fraudulent documents have been fabricated and the serious issue of mortgage servicing fraud is of great concern, I am becoming very familiar with. Really dont feel I am the one who has breached. There was no efforts made as
  2. Thank you for the explanation. Its definitely a learning process. Using the term fraud was only stated from true belief of fraud actually happening. Accessing my personal checking account, withdrawing funds, unauthorized, and continuing to do so, seems to be classified as fraud. I cant think of another term. Theft, maybe?
  3. Thank you BackFromDebt- I will see if I am able to locate info on this. I do need as much as help as possible. Recently discovering fabricated agreements, requesting copies of authorizations the bank has been unable to provide because they do not exist, has taken this to a whole new level. thank you again
  4. Obviously, I do not communicate well. I verified my information TO the new servicer. Again, having NO financial knowledge, was completely unaware a loan could be sold. Insult at that also if you wish. Upon being requested to provide proof of the amount of payments I had been making, knowing they should be fully aware of this amount, AS WELL AS when a loan is sold, the terms of the loan not changing, ONLY the place where the payment is sent, yes, I had EVERY reason to be concerned. Having no documentation of who this new bank was, change in payment amounts after being fully aware of the ter
  5. Is this something that really should be done and how does one know which companies/banks are legit? What is the difference in securitization audits and forensic audits? Should money be requested up front? What are the criterias one should look for with this process? Confused and not sure what to do even with attorney. Attorney has not been of assistance but has only created much more stress and anxiety.
  6. I have retained attorney, almost $10,000 spent already but EXTREMELY dissatisfied and know if I continue w/him I am sure to lose our home. Trying to figure out how to get the federal rules that have been violated, addressed, but the attorney has not raised one issue with them and is focused on something else that seems to me can be argued, giving us no grounds to succeed. From what I have gained of all the research, the violations are what will give us the fighting chance. Am I wrong?
  7. Amount increased was not by much at all. $40 which is the reason I left matters alone while dealing with the issues of the traumatic unexpected loss of our close family friend. However, I had a specific amount that had been paid for the past 16 months under the modification w/ BofA, so upon having a new servicer, no notice of the loan being sold/transferred,etc., from BofA OR this "Rushmore", even the slightest change in payment amount raised red flags. I simply requested they send me some form of confirmation who they were, what had happened with my loan, and a coupon book or something so I
  8. Oops!!! forgot this! At the Depo, I was presented with a fabricated false document claiming it to be a "Payment Plan Agreement". I clearly explained that was the FIRST time I had ever seen such a document and never had any of the information included in the document, ever been discussed or agreed to in any way, ever. Obviously there was NO signature anywhere. Lastly to add, I did receive 3 Fed Ex deliveries w./regards to the request of authorization for the ach transactions. To sum it up, they concluded complying the request by re stating simply the process that had taken place, and that a tr
  9. Having a successful(or so I thought)PERMANENT MODIFICATION via Bank of America after falling behind from being hit by drunk driver. Contacted BofA, advised to stop making payments in order to qualify for a modification, so I did, 4months later, foreclosure begun. Finally, having to retain legal counsel, and within only a matter of a few months, and a trial payment period of 4 months, I had a permanent loan modification, all arrears forgiven, loan brought current, and at 2.0% for the life of the loan. That was finalized March 2015. So from December 2014 - March 2015 the trial payments were made