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  1. Not yet, the motion hearing was scheduled for mid next week.
  2. Thank you @Harry Seaward for your reply. I prepped the documents and was ready to go for next week. I checked the court website to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and my case status shows “dismissed.” The docs show they filed a request for dismissal of “entire action of all parties and all causes of actions without prejudice.” It was submitted 2/23 for review and signed by the clerk 2 days ago with “dismissal entered as requested.” The hearing set for next week shows “cancelled” with “reason: dismissed.” I tried calling the court to verify the hearing cancellation, but its closed
  3. At the end of Fall 2019 I was mailed a collection notice from LVNV Funding. The original creditor was Synchrony Care Credit, the amount $1,200, within SOL I denied debt and requested verification/validation. Within a couple of days, I received a verification packet showing the transfer of debt to LVNV funding, Statements showing a balance for 1 year (no charges/balance only stmts ), and a CareCredit Card agreement. The CareCredit card agreement lacked much information (APR, DATE, NAME, etc.), but it did have an arbitration clause. A few days after receiving the packet, I was