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  1. Have you ldtried checking on the Superior Court's website. I know I can check in Los Angeles, and it gives you status of the case and what has been filed. You can even download all the documents for a small fee, but even if you don't want to download, it should list there what type of filing was filed such as dismissal etc, then you can screen shot for your records.
  2. Pleasure! This is such a cool community. I just found this site recently after 2 lawsuits, one for my mom and one for my dad for credit card debt. And I learned so much. Been working on my parents stuff trying to resolve. Appreciate everyone’s time in answering questions. Glad I can help in the tax area
  3. Read the exclusion section in the link above and here’s the actual code section irc 108 which itemizes tbe exclusions. The regulations on this section explain further
  4. Hey guys, I’m an accountant. There’s multiple 1099-c exclusions, such as insolvency, you can own a home is it meets certain thresholds etc. the easiest thing to do is report the income and then subtract it back out listing the code section of the exemption you are relying on, leave like a dollar so the form populated. the other option if you think the 1099-c is flat out wrong is to include it, then subtract it out, saying “see statement”, and then explain why in a statement attached to the tax return. the irs will pick up mismatches between 1099’s and what is reported on the return and then mail out letters assessing tax on the difference. Basically if you don’t report it, your asking to be contacted. Doing it the way I suggested would prevent all that back and forth because the income is being reported so it matches. Just subtract it out in the same other income area, and then leave a dollar so the statement prints. another option is to have the issuer of the 1099 amend it, but that requires a lot more cooperation from those parties
  5. LILI

    Judgement on property

    Thank you! I couldn’t find the site where there was a live chat. If you can post the link, I would really appreciate it.
  6. Are there any settlement offer template letters we can use? I searched the site and didn’t find any.
  7. How can you check if there’s been a judgement on your home or real estate you own. This is in la county. This has nothing to do with my prior posts. I’m just trying to figure out if there is a type of report to order from the county.
  8. I’ll put them together going forward, but I think this is a pretty general question not related to specific case or my prior question. Anyone know?
  9. So summons and complaint was served 2 weeks ago. Pld-050 General denial including affirmative defenses served today and will be filed with court most likely tomorrow. whats the next step in the timeline? The ball is now in the plaintiffs court. Do they have deadlines? And for what exactly do they have deadlines, meaning what do they have to file and by when?
  10. ok thank you for your answers
  11. It turns out, per our experience that defendant didn’t need to be present for the filing of the answer
  12. Can a demurrer and PLD-050 general denial be filed at the same time? Does a demurrer need to be served just like the general denial ? This is in Los Angeles thanks
  13. Can someone tell me if they know for sure, can a Defendant’s family member bring the answer pld-050 to the california, Los Angeles courthouse without the defendant there? or does the defendant have to file directly. Defendant is representing themself with no attorney
  14. the reason i put those facts in in the demurrer is because the cause of action listed in the complaint is common counts. Common counts mean there is an account stated debt and there is an assumption that the defendent held those statements without objection. my point was the defendent never held those statements without objection because he was too sick.still no good?
  15. What do you think capital one would settle for? on 18K for a disabled 81 year old who has no income besides SSI.