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  1. Thank You, I will review my contrat with Ovation Credit Repair Service.
  2. Hello, I Request Advice on how to repair ones own credit. I heard that I have to send in disputes to the credit reporting agencies that have negative issues on my credit report. What if the credit reporting agencies dont remove the negative issues on my credit, what should I do then? Thank You
  3. Hello, I have been paying a monthly fee of over a $100 for a Credit Repair service since 4/2019. I have only received very little results from this service. I have been told that it takes months to get negative items disputed and taken off my credit. Out of the 3 negative items on my credit , only Zero items have been taken off. What should my next move be? Does anyone know a better service or a better why to get negative items removed? or can I do it myself? Thank You