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  1. Hello, I will send you a DM. I am still in the process of working through this, however with lots of help from some wonderful members of this community I am working through it. I started by responding to the lawsuit with what is called a General Denial.
  2. This is the update on my local courts website, no info on my case as of yet
  3. I read the same thing on my local courts webpage, I have my CMC this week and am wondering if it will be affected and how I will know.
  4. Thank you for sharing this!! I’m going to start researching on discovery process right now. I appreciate your help
  5. Hello all, I have my CMC coming up, and I’m wondering if there is any advice any of you can give me, or is there anything I should bring. Thanks in advance 🙏🏼
  6. Thank you @NetworkEngineerand @LoveIsPower I decided to stick with the trial route mostly because I’m not entirely clear on the terms of arbitration in regards to my original credit agreement, and since I had filed a general denial already I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to start an arbitration. Thank you for all the helpful info and for the link on the pro bono lawyers, I will be looking into them this week! I did have a hearing for my fee waiver and it was approved by the judge. I now have CMC scheduled in March, and the law firm did respond to request for the BOP with what looks like all my
  7. Hello @Dgree thank you for your response, there is an arbitration clause in Citibank’s agreement and it says to use the either AAA or JAMS. I’ve done a little reading trying to learn more about this, and will continue to do so. I don’t know if that is something I can pursue now since I’ve already filed a GD as a response and have a scheduled case management conference. Either way I do need to fight this because I cannot afford to have a judgement taken out against me and have my wages garnished. I am trying to learn and understand as I go
  8. @RyanEX Thank you for your response, on the advice of a fellow member who has been so gracious in responding to my private messages, Especially during the holidays, I went ahead and filed the General Denial and also requested a Bill of Particulars. I did not see a paper in all this paperwork that says the facts set forth in the complaint are true. Aside from the summons and complaint Exhibit A was a copy of my last statement from the original creditor, Exhibit B is a few pages of “bill is sales and assignments” from looks like the origina creditor to a few different debt buyers and Exhib
  9. Hello all, does anyone know how much it costs to file a general dismal form in California ? I am applying for a fee waiver but I need to be prepared in case they deny it. Thank you
  10. If you’re taking the time to read this I would like to thank you for any and all interest and help, I struggle with a reading and learning disability making this paperwork very hard for me to understand I am very unknowledgeable in a lot of subject matter. I am very scared and don’t know how to proceed, I have reached out in private messages and was asked to fill out this list of questions and post on this main board so that I may get help from a few different people who understand this. I did also search a few of these boards that had great information on it however I don’t underst
  11. Hello, I See fellow members refer to you for help when dealing with being sued and served by legal groups on behalf of old debts, I tried to send you a private message but it wouldn’t allow me, is there anyway you could help guide me in dealing with a legal group that suing me?