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  1. How do I do arbitration? Is that just an agreement between 2 parties? Or paying a 3rd party to review?
  2. The suit is in Texas..and it may be considered small claims..when I contacted an attorney's office here in my moderate-sized town, the office told me they don't deal with small claims or they might have said civil claims..
  3. I have been served with the exact same lawsuit and request for discovery as the user "sol" in 2015. This one is from Portfolio Recovery Services also but it is a Citibank Sears Credit Card, not a Walmart card. It is within the statute of limitations; however, I am uncertain that the amount $3000 is accurate. I don't have documents proving this. I attempted to contact Citibank/Sears about it, but the only thing they were able to tell me is the date the account was sold and who it was sold to, which is Portfolio Recovery so it hasn't been sold again. Do I send the same affirmative response as "sol" of outside statute of limitations like I don't know anything and hope they don't want to work to provide proof? or on the basis of lack of standing? I did have a pay for delete letter ready to send for 50% of the total amount on the credit report. I guess that's a moot point now? I don't know if they are willing to settle now that the suit is already served. Or I hope that I get a return Nonsuit without prejudice and then send the pay for delete letter with a hopeful approval? I really don't know the first thing about any of this legal jargon, other than what I have researched. The due date to file an answer is January 17th.