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  1. What about other computers on our home dsl (we dont use wifi) network? Also I am planning on mothballing this one and buying a new laptop. Would I have to take any extra precautions with that?
  2. Thanks again. What about their ability to hack into my computer from this incident, get into my HD, see sites I have visited, record my keystrokes, obtain passwords etc? I have windows firewall and bitdefender. Are these adequate?
  3. Thank you very much. Would it be useful to also get freezes from other credit companies such as Chex Systems, Sage Stream, Data X or Clarity Services? Would doing anything else you can suggest other than what I have mentioned above be helpful?
  4. Received a phishing email yesterday which I fell for initially. It was posing as Amazon verifying a purchase. I clicked to cancel purchase, taken to phony login where I entered my email and old Amazon password which I now know is not the right one anymore, and then was sent to a form where I entered personal data including name, address, DOB, SS#, phone and email. Then clicked next and was taken to credit card info page when I realized it was a scam and got out. I am assuming they got that personal info and I have subsequently put or initiated freezes and fraud alert on Big 3 as well as contacting SSA, FTC and Amazon. I will be keeping daily track of bank accounts and be watchful for all possible scam emails, phone calls, snail mail, as well as changing my passwords where needed. Also investigating all aspects of the problem in many ways. My question: Is it likely that they mined my data from that login and 1st page even though I did not continue on subsequent pages/forms and I did not end submit? Thank you.