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  1. Thank you, very informative. I have not been sued, yet. I was just mailed a summons and a complaint. I have about 3 and a half weeks to respond in writing to the court. (28 days in total, since the summons was mailed. I'm weighing my options. At the time I had this card I made great money, then had some health issues causing me to lose my job. I had a really hard time securing a full time job after, due to my health, as well as my fiance having seizures, having to stay home when they happened as well as drive her. Now we don't have a car, because we can't afford one and barely get by. Th
  2. There is arbitration mentioned in the original credit agreement with Fifth Third. How would I proceed?
  3. How would I go about getting the original credit agreement? Would I file a Motion to ask the firm to provided it?
  4. Greetings, A Law firm named Berndt & Associates representing Jefferson Capital Systems LLC, whom bought the debt from Fifth Third Bank sent me a letter the end of this past summer trying to collect a credit card debt. I sent the firm an email provided on the law firm's website (info@berndtlegal.com) stating that I can not afford to pay them, due to me having health issues, barely able to work part time and I just scrape by month to month (the letter was a couple of paragraphs and more explanatory). I sent it in text form as well as an attached PDF. I never received any type of r