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  1. can I pay ahead for car insurance, internet, student loans?
  2. Hi, we are about to file for chapter 7. We met with a lawyer a few days ago and we qualified for the means test. We have a little money set aside and the lawyer told us that we needed to spend it or it would be seized by the trustee. What kind of things am I allowed to spend it on?
  3. I defaulted on a couple credit cards about 2 years ago. I am moving out of the country for a while (about a year for now) and while checking the court’s website I can see that 2 debt buyer (midland and another one) are suing me. I only have a mailbox right now as an address. I have 2 questions: - they are suing with the justice court which doesn’t have online access. What do I do if they serve me by mail, or publication? - if I don’t live in AZ anymore, can they still sue me in AZ? thank you
  4. It for 1.5k. I dont understand why a judge would allow that rather than mail...
  5. Thank you. I will go to the court ASAP to get the documents. I have a question: how does it work if I reside in AZ but work in a different state remotely? Does AZ court have the right to garnish my wages? Thank you!
  6. No I haven’t been avoiding service. They came once when I was out and they left a business card on the door but never came back. How do I see the paperwork? I can’t answer if I can’t see what they are saying
  7. Hi, my husband is being sued by some local law firm. They are suing with Maricopa Justice court. I don’t understand the last 2 lines on their website. is there a way to see the paperwork? I haven’t been physically served so I have no idea what they are filing. Thanks you!
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