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  1. I want to get my credit back on track. My score is 520 but I have $22K in collections. All 14 accounts are in collections, none are in good standing. All 14 are unsecured credit cards. All info is accurate so I can't dispute it - I am aware that it is my debt and I am responsible for it. Last payments on any account were made around July 2018 (19 months ago). I want to begin to pay off my debt, but do it in a way that will restore my credit also. I ran all 3 credit reports and made a list of all of my creditors names, phone numbers, current balances, along with original balances. Out of the 14 accounts, 8 have been sold to collections agencies. LVNV funding (2 different accounts $1496 and $672), IMC credit services ($110), NCB Management Services ($2,960), Portfolio recovery services ($3,125), and Midland Credit (3 different accounts $361, $813, $5,386). The 6 accounts that are still with the original creditors are American Express ($814 but received a letter that they will settle for $375), Credit One ($1,389), Discover ($1,600), Merrick Bank ($1,789), Lendup ($758), and First Premier Bank ($884). Most of these balances are 30-60% higher then the original balance (total original balances around $15K, so I currently owe $7K more then I originally did). After reading and studying, my plan is to initially contact each creditor and collection agency and see what amount I can get them to settle for (as a lump sum payment), and see if they will accept a pay for deletion. In your experiences, would they accept a lower lump sum AND a pay for deletion? I can afford to pay $1,000 per month towards this debt. My main concern is that I want to do this in a way that will restore my credit also. Do you all have any suggestions about what I should do in my situation? Thank you for taking the time to read my post!