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  1. This is what they sent me in their response- I will resend the DISC-015 today. They are having me as a witness. @RyanEX
  2. I'm having trouble find how days are counted. I just submitted my DIS-015 and am hoping it wasn't to early. I'm in Orange County California and used the LA county court calculater. Not sure if Orange County goes by same one. does anyone Know? I mailed my DIS-015 on feb. 8th, court date is early April Thanks
  3. HI- I have my trial coming up soon and researching through all the great info on this forum. I have a question about the "War Plan" @HomelessInCalifornia states for 2) to send a meet and confer after I request BOP. I sent out my BOP twice, and they did send print out of statements of monthly amount due- but not including original purchase or why charges are due. (Do they need to show original transaction in California?) They sent a Bill of sale that does not specify my specific account info, the notary has no stamp and another letter from a lawyer authenticating the notary.
  4. HI Guys, just wondering how or if the CCP 98 rule is working during the Covid19 court closures and phone court? I'm just realizing that could blow my whole tactic to defend myself against the JDB. Thought and experiences would be appreciated.
  5. No I'm here... I needed to step away for a minute or two... Trying to figure out how to join my threads.. So far in my case- Being sued my JDB for account stated and open book account. I responded with a generial denial and affirmative responses. I've requested BOP twice now- both times lawyer stated not appropriate in account stated. - I'm unclear if account stated supercedes their open book account claim. They gave me a copy of assignment that does not link the alleged account i'm being sued on with the assignment, it was notarized in an unclear manner with
  6. Can someone please help me to understand how to do my Interrogatories in the DISC-0004.. Thank you,
  7. In addition... Can I file a Motion to Dismiss since I see by what the lawyer sent me in BOP that the Bill of Sale is not conected to my account in any way? Or might they have some other proof? Thanks..
  8. Awesome, thanks! Is my filing a General Denial as my answer challenging those statements? Or do I need to specifically challenge those somehow?
  9. HI..yet another question.... The complaint filed by the JBD Plaintiff had two credit card statements attached. Nothing is verified and no affidavit of any kind in complaint. How do I get those thrown out so they cant be used against me? Waht are the evidence rules? Can they just attach those and the attachmnet is assumed to be true? How do I challenge those? Thanks,
  10. Hi..I need help clarifying my next step. I'm being sued on account stated and open book account. I sent the Plaintiff a BOP, and the lawyer returned it stating it was not appropriate because of account stated. They are also stating "open book account" as a cause of action against me. Legally, arent they needing to fill out the BOP for the open book account claim? What she did include "in the spirit of Discovery" was Affidavit of sale of account by original creditor (not specific to my alleged account), credit card agreement (generic, no dates or account numbers), and
  11. Hi...Im a defendant in a debt collection case against a JDB in southern California.. I was preparing to do my Interrogatories and saw what the form looked like...I was under the impression I would be able to type my own.. Can someone please show an example of how it should look filled out? Thanks so much