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  1. Hello, I have a capital one acct that is in "restricted status". It is reading as an open account. They have taken my charging privileges on this account away. What can I do? I was never late on any payments. It became restricted because I was adding employees as authorized users. They saw this as fraud and asked me for drivers license pictrures (front and back) along with SS#'s for each user for the past two years. This was impossible for me to provide. They also asked me to pay my remaining balance asap, which I did. This was almost 2 years ago that this happened, and my account is still in restricted status. This is my oldest credit card of over 11 years so I'm reluctant to even try to complain about anything. I also receive tons of Capital One mail for the previous employees I had added as authorized users. The website will not allow me to change my address so that I stop getting the mail. And, I'm afraid to contact them to have them change the address or tell them to stop sending mail for anyone other than my name. They may cancel my account completely if I do that. Thanks
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