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  1. He got a letter from Cavalry offering a 30% discount to settle the account, thought their next step would be to sue ? Why would they send this instead ? I’m willing to settle for my spouse but that 5k I don’t wanna pay 3500 max I will do is 2600.. Should I call or send a letter back saying I can offer 2600 and that’s all I can do and ask them to take as final payment ?
  2. Hello Ryan and Thank you so much ! Yes I briefly did some research on this forum and saw that arbitration seems to be the best idea, in the occasion they do sue, I will look more into how to properly invoke it.. Regarding Mercantile, I was automatically assuming they owned the debt, but now double checking on the letter, it says they attempting to collect for Bank Of America , how different does that makes things ? Would you advise still trying to settle both of them or letting it be ? Thanks so much ! *
  3. Hello Everyone, let me introduce myself as D. My husband, lost his job and accumulated some credit debt. One with Citibank of about $5000 and one with Bank Of America of about $10000-12000 (forgot exact amount but is between there.) We live in community property state CA. We were already married when he accumulated such debts, and I fought many times for him not to do it, he assured me he could pay it, here we are, year later, both in collections. One is under Calvary ( the smallest amount Original from citibank) and the other Mercantile adjustments Bureau (10k - 12k BankofAmerica) Up to this point, we done nothing besides ignore letters and phone calls. Recently cavalry sent a letter regarding intention to sue, Mercantile sent a letter letting him know his debt was under them and for him to request for verification within 30 days otherwise they assume debt is valid , that was about 1 month ago. Because my husband is still unemployed and I don’t make much (Around 30k a year retail job) we also have no cars and we rent which costs 60% or more of my income. We are not so sure what to do. I do have a savings of 14k but that is about ALL we have and if that was gone in the occasion I lost my job we would be damned. I really would like some advice. I’ve considered letting cavalry be, and summon arbitration if they decide to sue, regarding Mercantile, they already called me twice in 2 weeks and left voicemails saying “this is MS James X and I’m contacting regarding a debt collection please call me back at xxxxx number and mention case 123 is very important that you return this call.” Please note on the Bank of America I was authorized user but no idea why they would be bothering me ? I read something saying they not supposed to call spouse more than once as per FDCPA rules. They both called my husband numerous times to the point he deactivated voicemail. I just really need some guidance in what to do ! I realistically wouldn’t mind settling the 10-12k debt into 5-6 k and the 5k into 2500. If I was to try this, should I first send a request for verification letter for both companies and then try to settle via phone or mention on the letter inquiring if they would accept anything less and how much in the occasion he was to assume the debt is his and correct ? Should I let cavalry be and just wait for arbitration? Should I wait longer to contact Mercantile ? Do I call them and offer 30% and ask for a letter saying it would be treated as the final and sufficient “Lump Sum “ payment ? Please help I am in desperate need of some guidance either from professionals or anyone with experience ! I am scared of them suing my husband and taking away all my savings and garnishing my wages and us going homeless... Thanking you in advance !