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  1. Or the go for arbitration by the judge
  2. Yes I mad the mistake an already call before getting served I was told to have them serve myself then file a MTC and answer I’m dealing with OC and I’m trying to see what necessary I don’t want to imitate AAA until I get a court dismissal
  3. Thank you! I did personal message you but after service then I can do my MTC and answer right
  4. If they can’t serve me then do I wait I called the law office already to do a payment plan but didn’t acknowledge the lawsuit ?
  5. If I haven’t been served (Chicago) do I wait or go and file MTC anyways I’m asking because my work schedule is rough
  6. Ok so should I initste arbitration if I wasn’t served?
  7. Hey guys have a good too I filed a complaint with Consumer Finaicial protection bureau so the OC had to send me the original terms via fedex that way I don’t need to prove me original contract and the CFPB complaint time stamps you asking as well. This only works if the OC is in CFPB DATABASE
  8. Also when I call Barclays they tell me on the phone that track America has my account so should I file arb or do a MTC and answer
  9. Ok so I had barclays mail me via fedex my card agreement in the agreement it says if I elect for arbitration they will honor it and rescind the lawsuit. Question is now that there is a lawsuit I haven’t been served either should I initiate arbitration now and on THIER end they have to rescind or follow up with MTC and answer
  10. Hello if the OC sold the debt to a third party but now is suing can they do that ?
  11. Hey guys I’m going to delete other post. However I waiting to be served by Barclays. I have read threads on how to do MTC and AAA arb. My question is being that I haven’t been served yet should I wait for service or go to go court house and start the preceding?
  12. Im sorry attorneys office vs myself
  13. The attorneys office is named I’m the defendant