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  1. Or the go for arbitration by the judge
  2. Yes I mad the mistake an already call before getting served I was told to have them serve myself then file a MTC and answer I’m dealing with OC and I’m trying to see what necessary I don’t want to imitate AAA until I get a court dismissal
  3. Thank you! I did personal message you but after service then I can do my MTC and answer right
  4. If they can’t serve me then do I wait I called the law office already to do a payment plan but didn’t acknowledge the lawsuit ?
  5. If I haven’t been served (Chicago) do I wait or go and file MTC anyways I’m asking because my work schedule is rough
  6. Ok so should I initste arbitration if I wasn’t served?
  7. Hey guys have a good too I filed a complaint with Consumer Finaicial protection bureau so the OC had to send me the original terms via fedex that way I don’t need to prove me original contract and the CFPB complaint time stamps you asking as well. This only works if the OC is in CFPB DATABASE
  8. Also when I call Barclays they tell me on the phone that track America has my account so should I file arb or do a MTC and answer
  9. Ok so I had barclays mail me via fedex my card agreement in the agreement it says if I elect for arbitration they will honor it and rescind the lawsuit. Question is now that there is a lawsuit I haven’t been served either should I initiate arbitration now and on THIER end they have to rescind or follow up with MTC and answer
  10. Hello if the OC sold the debt to a third party but now is suing can they do that ?
  11. Hey guys I’m going to delete other post. However I waiting to be served by Barclays. I have read threads on how to do MTC and AAA arb. My question is being that I haven’t been served yet should I wait for service or go to go court house and start the preceding?
  12. Im sorry attorneys office vs myself
  13. The attorneys office is named I’m the defendant
  14. Hey guys I’m being sued by attorneys OC is Barclays I’m in Chicago I haven’t been served yet but wanted to get a head start on MTC I have read the threads very helpful. Question should i wait to be served or pull the gun and file the motion and answer before being served?