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  1. Okay, well I was hoping for some input but I will say what I plan to do. A) If I am not handed this summons by a sheriff or 3rd party or it is not taped on my door where I live I'm not going to attend. I know, I know, it's a summons and I might get a Show Cause warrant but this thing was sent via regular post mail. I will of course be contacting a lawyer in this area and explaining my situation to them in the hopes that perhaps I can sue the bejesus out of these mofos for not properly servicing me on multiple occasions. I noticed something else when I checked the court records from my old towns I used to live in, I received an interrogatory from them in one of those as well, about two years ago. They never did a show cause for that one either which leads me to believe they sent that one by regular postage only as well. Why else would they not follow up with a Show Cause if done otherwise? So potentially three separate occasions they have failed to properly service me, putting my butt on the line risking bench warrants and whatever else the strong arm of the law could do to me. I'll keep you updated as I'm thoroughly PO'd.
  2. Hi, As the title suggests, I received an interrogatory by regular mail today which is surprising for a couple of reasons, 1) I've lived at the same address for years and never received a warrant in debt at this address in the past. I even checked the Virginia courts website just to confirm and sure enough, the only thing showing for the city I live in is the Interrogatory. I checked two cities I lived in previously, over 8 years ago now for either, and sure enough a judgement was made against me about 3 years ago now in one of those two towns. I have no clue where that warrant was sent. 2) can I be issued a summons like that via regular mail in the state of Virginia? I didnt think so but I could be wrong on that. Absolutely any info on what I should do next would be greatly appreciated and I will answer any questions to the best of my ability. -J