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  1. From what I understand, they still report the difference as unpaid.
  2. Hi Harry, I'm considering a preemptive arbitration seeking a dismissal with prejudice outcome to have the Collections ($1700 Synchrony bought by Midland) trade line removed from my credit report - one that just appeared today out of the blue. As I don't see any other way to get it off there (I don't trust that the JDB or the CRAs will honor a PFD) and it may take them years to actually sue me. I'm not following you. I don't see how a preemptive arb is different to a MTC arb in potential costs to the JBD. In both scenarios the JBD would have to pay them assuming the arbitrator doesn'
  3. Could you post your dispute wording here?
  4. Let me first thank you all for the incredibly valuable information contained in these forums, and for hopefully answering my questions below. Some background: Today a 'Collections' trade line was added to my credit report by Midland Credit Management for the amount of $1700. It was the first reporting of this account to any Credit Bureau. There were no 30/60/90 delinquencies etc prior to this line. The original OC was Synchrony (PayPal Credit), an account without a physical card and without any signed agreement. A credit line was added to my PayPal account and that was it.