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  1. The account had multiple lines as part of a Verizon plan. It was not the main line or account holder. MRS has never sent a text message or mailed a letter to me. Verizon had always sent all correspondence to me on my main line and number as account holder. So this was purposely done. Guessing they were able to grab the number off the list of account information presumably? But to simply write a text message stating that it was an attempt to collect a debt with my information is just outright wrong. I have to get a copy of the text from the new carrier ( with working service ) for exact verbiage but was told it contained my account number name and the boiler plate attempt to collect a debt line. thanks for your Input.
  2. So Verizon wireless has sold an account in dispute (not even 30 days old yet ) to these wonderful people. They are sending sms messages to a family member saying to contact them about my debt for Verizon account #xxxxx. Along with the standard line about this is a attempt to collect a debt. This is more than likely a violation of some law and I would like to take some action. Any advice is appreciated. I’m thinking of immediately filing a civil suit. If any lawyers are interested I’m sure they will send more sms messages and continue to violate my rights. This is in NJ. Thank you.