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  1. Dismissal without prejudice!! I received my letter yesterday. I am assuming I no longer need to resubmit my response to the original claim...😀 Thank you again to everyone on the board!! Your efforts, advice and resources are much appreciated! Happy Holidays! bk
  2. @Clydesmom Thank you so much! This is perfect. What are your thoughts on pursuing the arbitration, e.g. filing first, or should I just wait on them to begin the process? Thank you again for all of your advice. bk
  3. Thank you. That's what I was thinking as well. Do you have any thoughts as to my first question? Should I preemptively file for arbitration or just wait for them? (See if they will file at all) bk
  4. Hey BV80, No, I am required to resubmit my answers to the original claim. For each paragraph/claim I responded "Partially true and partially untrue". When I explained my reasoning to the judge he suggested I be more definitive in my next response. Hope that clarifies things. Thank you for your prompt response. bk
  5. Good morning, SUCCESS...kind of!! MTC granted! I have 30 days to revise my response to the claim. I should've just answered each question as true. summary of court: Attorney disputed my answers, (partial true and partial untrue - see attached response above) Tried to claim obscure state law that hearing the case in court was correct. When it was my turn I just stated the lack of subject matter clause in the contract. Opposing counsel repeatedly mentioned the obscure law and my inappropriate answers to the claim. Judge was leafing through the pa
  6. No. Original court date in March was cnx due to covid. Will see what happens Tuesday.
  7. Good morning. Ragan counter filed motion to deny arbitration. Didn't respond to JAMS and case was closed. Lost $250 filing fee. Court is Tuesday. Will see how things go. bk
  8. Update Court supposedly has been postponed according to clerk. I have not received an official notice. I found out because they sent the name of wrong court reporter for me to contact...smh Gotta love small counties. Paid the JAMS fee else they would've dropped the arbitration. I will update as I receive info. bk
  9. Open question: If I pay the $250 am I required to follow through with the arbitration if I can get Velocity to dismiss with prejudice? Thank you for your help, bk
  10. Received court notice including letter for requesting court reporter. I am going to pay my $250 to JAMS just to ensure everything is official. Also will contact and ask court reporter to attend hearing based on advice read from another site. Hope this log of my journey helps someone else. Stay safe, bk
  11. I received emails from JAMS today acknowledgment of filing and request for $250 filing fee Statement that JAMS CONSUMER MINIMUM STANDARDS applies Now I just chill and wait for apposing counsel response and/or further communication from JAMS, yes? Thank you for your help, bk
  12. Good afternoon room, I filed my answer and MTC + Demand for Arbitration yesterday. I was so keyed up but the clerk just stamped them all and returned my copies. Mailed the demand to JAMS and answer to opposing counsel. LendingClub has a new borrower agreement (attached) that states we need to email a claim for arbitration prior to actually contacting JAMS or AAA. So I emailed a simple statement stating that I was pursuing arbitration. Now I wait. Thanks again for all of the info. bk Borrower Agreement - LendingClub.pdf