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  1. I am ready to mail my responses to a Request for Admissions but when I look for templates online (for Washington State), it has language that I am not the Petitioner or Respondant (others say parties to the lawsuit). So my question is: Am I not allowed to mail my responses back to the Plaintiff's lawyers? Thanks. (copy and paste of form found on Washington State's court website below) COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR Petitioner vs. DOB . Respondent DOB NO. PROOF OF MAILING (AFML) I certify under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the state
  2. I need to mail my response by tomorrow so just bumping this one last time. Thanks for all the advice given!
  3. Below I've copied and pasted Midland's RFA to me. I will appreciate any advice and assistance! Defendant entered into a contract with Capital One Bank for a credit card. The credit card was issued to Defendant under account number ******** (the “Account”). The credit card was issued to Defendant subject to an agreement to repay Capital One Bank for any credit extended on behalf of Defendant thereunder. Defendant used the credit card issued by Capital One Bank to purchased or lease goods or services, obtain cash advances or transfer balances from
  4. I apologize in advance for asking about 2 different things in this thread (Arbitration and Request for Admissions) but just trying to cover all my bases! Question about responding to the RFA: 1. Defendant entered into a contract with Capital One Bank for a credit card. The credit card was issued to Defendant under account number ************0000 (the "Account"). I was thinking to respond as below but since these are 2 claims, should I respond differently?: DENIED to the extent that no contract was attached hereto for evaluation.
  5. Another quick question- Would trying for arbitration be a good option for me? I have 5 more days to respond to their Requests for Admissions and Documents.
  6. Thanks. I've looked at a few posts on this forums where people showed how they were responding to a Request for Admissions. I've tried to adapt it to my RFA although I'm a bit confused as to when I should deny and when I should object. And I believe I read on these forums that in Washington State the court does like it when you simply deny everything, without some explanation. Anybody have experience with this? As always, thanks a bunch!
  7. But I do have another question! Midland sent me a Request for Admissions and also a Request for Production of Documents. While I am currently trying to work on the response to the Admissions, my response to the Documents seems fairly straightforward since I do not have any of the documents they are requesting. Do I simply claim "I do not have any such document in my possession, custody, or control"? Also, this is in King County District Court in Washington State. Can anyone advise me on a template I can use to answer this Request? Thanks! Additional info-----
  8. The Plaintiff is Midland Credit Management. After further research, I believe I am way past the deadline of 21 days.
  9. I received a Summons and Complaint from Midland's lawyers (Gordon, Aylworth & Tami) and mailed my response on January 13th, 2020. On January 27th they sent me a First Request for Production of Documents as well as a First Request for Admissions. I've been looking at the forum to see how best I can respond to these. But I would also like to know if it is too late to send them my own Requests for Documents and Admissions? Thank you.