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  1. I am following your thread for advice. I am facing the same with Velocity/ Lending Club. Thanks for your updates.
  2. @fisthardcheese Could I get assistance with filing for arbitration? I have filed my answer with the court. Midland served me and included with the court papers some statements from citibank that were mine. I believe this would be the better option rather than going to court. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you! I filed my answer but I didn’t see this comment in time to add the affirmative defense, do you think it would still be a problem to try the JAMS arbitration?
  4. @fisthardcheese When you are available may I have you look over my documents sent by Midland?
  5. A server left court documents with my mom last week that are fro Midland Credit for a lawsuit against me.. I have attached the paperwork that the server left, and I am in the process of filing my answer. Can someone take a look at the documents and assist me. Any help is greatly appreciated. I had a Best Buy/Citi Bank credit card and it was sold to Midland. The amount they are suing for is $4470.39. Midland included a few statement pages from Citi Bank I believe right before Midland purchased the debt. *update- I have filed my answer with the court.