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  1. I looked up the attorney listed on my case. He's worked for 4 different firms since he's been licensed, none longer than about 2 years. You are probably correct. Whatever the reason, I will take whatever works to my advantage right now. If all else fails, I believe I would be deemed judgement proof as my only income is child support and I cannot work due to circumstances requiring me to stay home and care for my disabled child. I'm aware that the court will not rule based on emotional pleas but logistically - they can't squeeze blood from a stone.
  2. I am hoping it works in my favor, for sure. I was assuming they just didn't want to waste the time and money going after smaller amounts when there are more lucrative ones to go after. It is interesting how the tables have turned. There was a secondary case they had filed, but the same week I received the summons I also received a notice of dismissal of the same - before I even had time to file an answer. These 2 complaints were filed within two weeks of each other, so I had been wondering if my resistance on the first discouraged them from moving forward with the second. I'm still on gu
  3. Thanks, ya'll. I was thinking the same thing, @Clydesmom. If I file a MTC, that gives them the opportunity to come up with the evidences they should have already produced. I was reading a little further into OK Rules of Civ Pro this morning, and Rule 13 specifies that a filed complaint must include a statement/reference made to any evidentiary materials pertinent to the motion, as well as a copy of said materials to be relied upon attached to the complaint when filed. Plaintiff's attorney failed to reference anything or attach any copies of such to their original filed complaint, and has
  4. I am heading to court for a pre-trial hearing of my own this coming Friday. So far, they've sent me their discovery requests (which I responded to, properly and in time). I sent them my own set of discovery, which they've failed to respond to within the allotted time and have therefore not proved I owe the debt (the answer I filed to the original summons had affirmative defenses, including failure to state a claim based on no verification of the debt). Should I go ahead and motion the court on Friday to dismiss/enter a summary judgement for the defendant (me) since they've failed to prove anyt
  5. I was served a summons in October 2019, by Machol and Johannes, on behalf of a credit card company (for just over $2k). I am pre-law, and have some limited legal assistant experience, so I have been representing myself to push back against this. I filed an answer with the court, and mailed a certified copy to them, within two days. I did not hear anything further until January, when I received discovery docs. I prepared my responses to that, as well as drew up interrogatories and requests for M&J. I sent those documents certified, also, and filed them with the court (not required, but most