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  1. Hello

    Complaint was filed by MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT stating  that

    1. Plaintiff acquired, for a valuable consideration, all right, title and interest in and to the claim set forth below originally owed by defendant to Credit One Bank 

    2. There is due to Plaintiff from the defendant upon an assigned account the sum of $2,601.77

     3. A copy of said account is attached hereto as Exhibit "A"

    4. Plaintiff notified defended of the assignment and demanded that defendant pay the balance due on the account but no part of the foregoing balance has been paid

    Wherefore, Plaintiff prays for judgement against Defendant in the amount of $2,601.77 with interest at the statutory rate of 5% per annum from the date of judgment and cost of this action 

    Attached was the July/August credit card statement, bill of sale and assignment of receivables from credit one bank,affidavit of credit one


    I filed an answer to deny with indications that  amount owed is incorrect and plaintiff is not correct owner. Midland has submitted first discovery with request for admission.

    At this point, should I file for arbitration (which is in the agreement) or respond to discovery? I have researched this forum and am still confused.


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