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  1. Hi @KeithM. Please provide us an update when you get the chance. Thanks!
  2. Updated the original post to add Synchrony Paypal Credit. I went ahead and settled this one because it seems they are bringing more and more lawsuits themselves over this account in particular or least according to these boards. However they sold Paypal MC to PRA. I sent them an email dispute to let them know that I am aware of the arbitration clause and if they bring suit, it will eat into their profits and didn't hear back. Chatted with them online which was fruitless. PRA is going to be greedy I can tell. I will file BK on their asses as it is unclear at this time whether I can still avoid BK over all.
  3. @Clydesmomis "No Business Relationship with the Plaintiff (lack of standing)" used in GA when sued by JDB?
  4. The thread provided above will give you all the info you need to respond. Your answer is: lack of subject matter jurisdiction. MTC arb is filed separately and served or brought to court, I forget which one. I will learn soon since I am certain that I will be in your boat soon enough. I am still lost on how far this will get you in actual arbitration if you have no case at all. From my understanding, if you lose arb, then you could be on the hook for all the arb fees. Still not clear on what to do in arb if you have no defenses and it is your debt except to use it as a stall for bankruptcy.
  5. I am in a similar situation. What is the amount they are suing for, I don't think I saw that. And we all really appreciate you keeping us updated.
  6. Well what happened? An update for the board would be nice and helpful. That is how we payback for the help we receive here.
  7. I would offer them less than 60% to start, like 35%.
  8. Question for you and @WhoCares1000... Would you drag an OC into arb? What would your strategy be?
  9. Synchrony may not be selling anymore and may be suing own their own. I know this because I settled with a firm that was fixing to sue me on a Synchrony card but did in fact sue me on a BOA card first. I have still have nine unsettled accounts with them and have not heard the first word from eight of them but Monarch has the Paypal account. It's very quiet over here, too quiet almost.
  10. I was reading an article on Sherman that was quite interesting. Here is an excerpt: Sherman didn’t act on that judgment until last year, the Sherman spokesman said, when the company’s computer models determined Ms. Bradley had money to pay. In May, Sherman used a garnishment order to compel her bank to transfer her balance of $6,770.78 to Sherman. How in the hell are their computers doing that? Link to the article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/most-big-debt-collectors-backed-off-during-the-pandemic-one-pressed-ahead-11617804180
  11. Don't forget to update this thread with your results!
  12. When did you make the last payment and when was the account sold to JDB?
  13. I would give it another 30 days before following up or wait until you get a letter. They will pass it on to another department that will try to collect and you may get a better offer. The offers from Discover were better the longer I waited.
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