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  1. I was mistaken; the free reports are reporting a balance but Creditkarma is showing $0 owed on credit cards and that threw me off.
  2. Thanks for the clarification on what PRL means and how it works. You are awesome and I'm impressed with how much you and others here know about these things. Who knew that arbitration could be flipped like this and used to a consumer's advantage. I certainly didn't! All of my CC cards are reporting $0 balance but I'm only showing one that has been sold. I made two calls to two different CAs last Friday and both told me that the OC still owned the debt so maybe something has changed? Are you sure the OC can't report a $0 balance and retain ownership of the account? Since the rep for the C
  3. Who is the OC, when did you open the account and when did you make the last payment? If they can't legally collect because it's outside of the SOL, then you have already won and in more ways than one. If they can legally collect, then you will want to see if you can use arbitration in this case . I don't know enough about how that works to offer any direction but others here do. I think the advice you are given here will hinge on the details you provide which at this point, is simply not enough.
  4. Thanks and congrats! I'm sure it feels good to have some accounts settled. Have you received a 1099c from any of these? When I call them, I'm going to ask them directly if they purchased the debt or if they're collecting for the OC. Because the two accounts that I've referenced are both charged off, there should not be any added interest and I've pulled the charged off amounts from my credit reports and put them on a spreadsheet and I'm inputting the settlement offers and amounts they say are due on their end as well. If nothing else, I'm extremely organized and detailed! If you
  5. @BV80Excellent point! The rep told me that it was sold on 1/5 but you're correct, he may not know the difference. However I pulled all three reports through https://www.annualcreditreport.com/ and it's reporting charged off and PRL which I understand is a profit and loss write off. They can't claim a P&L write off and continue collections or can they? I pulled the report on 1/16 and it's showing this creditor last updated on 12/29. Creditkarma also has last report date of 12/29. Unfortunately, this same firm sent me a dunning letter for another account, SYNCB, so they are holding tw
  6. Thanks! I wonder if a suggestion of arbitration for the Synchrony cards would be a helpful negotiating tool. I want these folks to work with me and I don't want piss them off but I also want to them to know that I'm not going to make it easy for them in the least. Citi is low enough to be in Magistrate Court; they add up to around 7k total between three accounts. But one is a business card with $1500. On a side note and regarding another account I have that may have arb agreement (Webbank, Paypal Working Cap), I can't find anyone in any forum that has ever been sued by this particu
  7. I know this is an older post but can you link to a thread of the details of that lawsuit or provide them here? I have two accounts that were just transferred to Hyat, Hyat, & Landau; one B of A (8k) and one Sync (5k). Because both sent me a 30 day notice and I'm trying to negotiate settlement, my strategy is to ask for phone validation at the eve of the 30 day time frame to buy more time. That's the only thing I can come up with. Thanks!
  8. If a pro se litigant brings an FDCPA claim in court, reasonable expenses can be added to the claim in addition to the claim for statutory damages. So while you can't get attorney fees, you can add the costs of pursuit of the claim as part of your damages. @Dan001Please post updates when you have them!
  9. The notion that you can file arbitration before you are sued is very interesting. Can this really work? I have three Citi cards, one is business debt and two are personal and nine Synchrony cards, all personal. I've started the debt settlement process to pay these down but if I can't get everyone to around 40%, it probably won't work. Have you or @fisthardcheeseseen this tactic used before this way? I'm not sure how this works if you actually owe the debt. Is this an offensive or defensive action? And I really wish folks would come back and let us know what happened.
  10. Older thread but I'm adding because I called the same OC just a few minutes ago and they said that the debt was sold to Hyat. So I guess they are JDB after all?
  11. Never call a mortgage company, send a qualified written request instead. If they don't answer and answer correctly, and you can show damages (holding up the sell of the house would be) then you have a lawsuit. https://www.consumerfinance.gov/ask-cfpb/what-is-a-qualified-written-request-qwr-en-207/
  12. Always, always deal Ditech is a sleezball and so is Shellpoint, I would not feel the least bit guilty. OP should have done it before it was transferred and while Ditech had it, it would be like karma.
  13. You settled the case, there is no judgement. But eight years worth of payments. Geez! I would start saving and pay it off because it will be even easier now for them to get a real judgement if you default.
  14. Did you settle directly with Chase or a CA? Did you get a 1099c?
  15. After much deliberation with my husband and several bankruptcy attorneys and based on my unique circumstances, I've decided that it's going to be in my best interest to try and settle the debt I owe. I've never been in this much debt before; it's really overwhelming. I've literally scoured this site looking for nuggets that might help me and for that reason, I'm sharing my experience in hopes that it can help others. I have around 60k of personal unsecured CC debit. All this is charged off except for Amex which is very close to CO, a very small Chase balance and a Synchrony store card th