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  1. Update.... Midland atty showed up but not the actual atty listed on the notice to appear. There were two cases, mine and another. The case before me was scheduled for "bench" but the attorney wasn't prepared. The atty didn't know anything about it but tried to call the office to inquire and reviewed the file. The person before me was WELL prepared and had no atty!! They went out to the conference room , came back 20min later and case was dismissed. They atty attempted to mislead the other person promising to remove the collection from the credit bureaus but told the judge different " I have no
  2. Hello Everyone, I JUST saw a many of threads with others facing the same issue with Midland. So, I have a pre-trial with Midland for an old Citi Bank card charged off from 2017. I responded to the court with answer denying the charges and everyone else, based on the info they sent with the summons. They actually tried to serve me twice but was unsuccessful on the 1st attempt. To no avail, the processor delivered on the second attempt. Im not sure at this point on how to approach this. I willl be going alone with NO representation and definitely don't want to say the wr