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  1. Should I reply ? I submitted doc for MTC. I’m in Florida, not sure if I receive a notice if it’s been approved .
  2. I disputed back in 2018 thru CReditkarma. Should I reply ? I have already submitted for arbitration and awaiting the Judge response .
  3. I used this forum previous to help send a motion to compel arbitration to midland financial. I recently received paperwork from them concerning identity theft . I would need to fill out a form claiming identity theft . I’m so confused . The judge has not ruled on my motion . I was served 3/5 and responded 3/16. I’m in Florida so I am not sure why I received this notice from midland . Please help.
  4. Received a notice from midland regarding identity theft . I requested arbitration. What’s the reason for sending me identity theft paperwork to file out?
  5. * Sent my response today : I will keep you guys update
  6. Does anyone know how I would find a case to reference for arbitration in the state of Florida?
  7. Hi, I have read thru the threads and found it very knowledgeable. Thank you so much. The only question I have is: Where would I found my original card holder agreement ? Should I contact the original creditor ? Is there a website that has card holder agreements ? It’s for Fifth Third and I opened my account in 2016. My plans are to reply with MTC for Arbitration which will include my entire card hold agreement , a statue to reference and a sworn affidavit. I was served 3/5/2020 and plan to reply on Monday 3/9/2020.