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  1. Thanks man ... For anyone who is curious how the process went. I called and settled - wasnt near as bad as what I was reading online ... Balance was $2300 ... they first offered me payments over 12 months for the full balance ... I offered $900 in a lump sump ... They countered with $1600 ... Told them I couldnt do more than 1k - but I could do that today .. they came down to 1450, If I could pay right now ... I offered to pay $800 now, $200 a month over the next 3 months ... they accepted and its done ... I owed the debt, I was always planning on paying it around this time. (when I got my tax return) Just fell behind from a cut in the household income (which i explained to them)... process was painless.
  2. I also know to ask for forgiveness letters contingent on settlement amount - when I have done that in the past … they would usually email it me, then I would pay.
  3. Hello everyone, Sorry if this is repetitive … I have searched the past threads on this board and am still a little unsure about how to go about this … Im in Illinois, I got a "Pre-legal notification from midland credit" for a synchrony bank (paypal credit) amount of $2,200 … I would like to just settle and get it off my back … But I'm reading conflicting statements about calling them, not calling them. etc … I have settled debt in the past; Called them and told them I could pay half if they forgave it … and it usually worked … but Midland seems a little different and more hard nose (from what I am reading online) … My thought was to call them and ask them to settle relaying to them that I would like to just get it over with and avoid arbitration (which I am willing to file with JAMS per the original card agreement) … My question is, is this a good strategy? … Should I basically threaten arbitration? or should I not mention it?... and just file, and if I do file, Should I do it before they sue me or after? … Should I call them at all, or do it all in writing? (I'm confident enough speaking with them over the phone, being careful of what I say, etc...) Any advice would be appreciated … and again, sorry if this has been asked 100's of times before.